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For the truly busy, Dov offers an intense 5-hour Film School Intensive that covers how to Write, Produce & Direct your first independent feature film and profit in today's global marketplace.

Over five hours, Dov will take you through a crash course version of his famed 2-Day Film School covering Budgeting, Screenwriting, Packaging, Financing, Directing, Shooting, Marketing and Distributing your film.

These classes were designed for professionals and working individuals who may not have the time to sit through Dov's two-day class, but still want to learn the nuts-and-bolts of how to get their films made.

Dov Simens' 1-Day Film Intensive (5 hours)

When & Where (choose one to book now):
June 8, 2013 (8am to 1pm)
Phoenix, AZ

June 8, 2013 (2pm to 7pm)
Phoenix, AZ

June 29, 2013 (8am to 1pm)
Denver, CO

June 29, 2013 (2pm to 7pm)
Denver, CO

July 2, 2013 (6pm to 11pm)
Seattle, WA

July 3, 2013 (6pm to 11pm)
Seattle, WA